unit trust

Unit trust or mutual fund is a financial vehicle through which individuals may invest their money. The idea behind unit trust is better returns through collective investing. In other words, it means pooling the investments of many investors, individuals and institutions.

Unit trust is getting popular nowdays due to potentially higher return when compare to fixed deposit or EPF saving. Furthermore, EPF is providing an option to withdraw some or your EPF saving for the purpose of investing in unit trust.

If you still wondering whether to invest in unit trust or not, you should see the reason why you should.

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unit trust

Recently, Securities Commission (SC) announce plans to amend the guidelines on unit trust funds in Malaysia. The ammendment will allow for greater flexibility and choices to meet investors needs.

The amendments will facilitate the creation of multi-class structure unit trust funds. This means that single unit trust fund will be able to offer multiple classes of units over a single investment pool, with each class of units having different features such as the fees and charges imposed and the currency in which it is denominated.

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Tabung Haji

On 3rd February 2010, Tabung Haji announced that its depositors will received 5 percent dividend for the year of 2009. The dividend rate is similar to year 2008. The historical dividend rate for the past 12 years can be found here.

Tabung Haji paid 2.25 percent interim dividend in October 2009. The remaining 2.75 percent dividend will be paid to depositors on the 8th February 2010. If a comparison is made between the rate of returns of commercial banks for fixed deposits or savings, it is obvious that the Tabung Haji return is much better.

For Muslim, they are not require to pay tithe on the deposit amount. So the gross return is 7.5%, which is close to ASB, which pays 8.55 percent for year 2009.

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CIMB Islamic

CIMB Islamic, Islamic banking arm of CIMB Group recently launched a new Islamic Structure Fund called Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i. This fund is to addresses the need of investor for a combination of safe, regular income and the potential arising from the expansion of China and India.

Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i has an unique aspect called “best performer feature”. It will automatically selects the best possible access to China and India’s economic growth, provide unlimited variable annual returns. CIMB claim this feature as good as investing with Hindsight.

The minimum investment amount is RM65,000 and in further multiplies of RM5,000, thereafter. It opened for subscription for a limited offer period that ends on Feb 3.

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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) allows qualified members to make their own investment using a portion of their EPF savings for potentially higher returns. However, bear in mind that the risks for such investments are higher. Members are to bear these risks and EPF is not going to compensate if members suffer losses from the investment made.

Before you make any decision in investing your EPF money, please remember that EPF is oblige to give 2.5% return per annum. Make a comparison on the fund choosen past performance against EPF dividend prior to investing. View “Historical EPF Dividend Rates” for comparison purpose.

If you already made up you mind to invest then you have to follow the following guidelines,

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