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Term Loan vs Flexi Loan for Property Financing

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Currently, in the market there are two most widely known Property Financing. There are Term Loan and Flexi Loan. But for many of people, they have no idea what are the different between them & which one to choose when buying a property. Actually, in addition to Term Loan and Flexi Loan, there is a hybrid product called Semi-flexi Term Loan. This will make the confusion even worse.

In terms of interest calculation between Term Loan, Flexi Loan or semi-flexi Term Loan, actually no different between them. All of them use the same principal where interest is calculated base on principal balance. Nowdays, most of the Property Financing or Mortgage loan are based on “daily rest” calculations. In simple word interest is calculated daily based on the outstanding balance.

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MortgageKLIBOR Home Financing From Standard Chartered

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MortgageKLIBOR Home Financing From Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank revolutionises consumer lending with a new concept of Home Loan or Financing called MortgageKLIBOR.

MortgageKLIBOR is the FIRST conventional home loan that is pegged to KLIBOR which is consistently lower than Base Lending Rate (BLR) from past history. With lower financing rate consumer would potentially enjoy greater savings.

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