Financial Management

The Imagined EPF Retirement Crisis – A Fact-less Drama

RetireJust as everyone has long expected, the EPF is finally beating the war drum of upping the withdrawal age, in trying to be logical and in trying to be in lockstep with the retirement age.  This will of course deny millions of contributors of early access to their hard-earned money.  To avoid huge public backlash, the EPF decided to perform a “market survey” first, just to have a taste what the public is actually thinking.  Ever since the government pushed the retirement age upward to 60 years old, the threat of higher withdrawal age is always looming large for all Malaysians.

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VIP & Premium Tickets Giveaway for Millionaire Mind Intensive Program

Giveaway1-million-dollar-blog is proud to sponsor FREE VIP & Premium Tickets for Millionaire Mind Intensive Program. The program will be conducted from 14th to 16th March 2014 at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur.

Millionaire Mind Intensive Program is a program designed for those who want to be financially free.

During the seminar, you will learn the secrets that general public will never know about how to think and act likes a millionaire. It is basically a financial education seminar of creating a wealth mindset, NOT a money making seminar or a get rich quick scheme.

This giveaway consists of 3 VIP Tickets worth RM325 each & 10 Premium Tickets worth RM245 each. With this ticket, you will have an access to VIP or Premium seating & course materials (DVDs, CDs, Tote Bag). There will be 13 winners, and each winner entitle for 1 ticket.

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Achieve Financial Freedom – Claim your FREE Seminar Ticket

Millionaire Mind IntensiveMost people never become as financially successful as they could be and go through life never knowing why. They ask questions like: Why isn’t the government doing enough to help? Why aren’t our salaries keeping up with the rising cost of living? Why is life so unfair?

But instead of asking “why” the better question to ask is “how”.

HOW can you change your financial future? How can you BE one of those people who ARE rich?

It’s easy to point the finger at the economy all around the world. It’s even easier to cross your fingers and secretly hope things will miraculously get better for you.

The honest truth is your financial success has nothing to do with the housing market, the stock market or even how much money you earn. The ROOT of the problem isn’t external, it’s internal.

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If you Don’t Teach your Children About Money, the SOCIETY Will

Money & KidEver got frustrated with the way your child is spending money? Does your child appreciate and value money?

Unlike long division and gymnastics, personal finance is not properly covered under our school education curriculum, which leads to the questions above that every parent asks themselves at some point in their life.  Even though parental wisdom has stood the test of time, it takes a bit more effort to teach a child about financial management principles.

The lack of financial education is not as severe as drugs addiction or other kind of bad habits but its long-term consequences could be quite severe.  In the past, one job can feed a family, but now both parents also need to work hard and yet we still find it hard to afford a house. Your child could be one of the victims that will face the hardship of this competitive world if you do not act now.  For you being silent regarding the matter of money and financial management education communicates that you think it is not important to value the money.

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The Third Way of Shopping!

thirdwayIn today’s everyday life, consumers may feel that the only way to make large purchases is through credit cards or using the cash in their account.  Unfortunately, Credit cards are not always for everyone, nor people wants to take the risk of spending all the cash in their account for crazy purchases.

The 3rd way gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to buy the things you want without having to use your credit card or spend your cold hard cash. You can buy whatever you want, from Playstation 4 to the new Samsung S4, from a vacation in Europe to a brand new watch. By using the 3rd Way of Shopping, you will receive cash rewards, without having to worry about repayments or overspending.

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