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Compilation of Cash Rebate Debit Cards

Previously we look at “Compilation of Cash rebate credit cards“.

For those who prefer to use Debit Card instead of Credit Card to control spending, there are a number of banks offer debit cards with cash rebate. However, the quantum of rebate is lower when compare to rebate from credit card spending.

The table below is the list of debit cards that offers good cash rebate to the cardholders.

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New Bank Islam VISA Debit Card-i with Cash Rebate

Debit Card

Bank Islam recently launched a new debit card called “Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i”. It is a multi functional card that combines the features of ATM a Visa card.

One of the main benefit of this card is, on every retail purchases made using Visa Debit Card-i, card members will enjoy 0.5 percent cash rebate.

The new Visa Debit Card-i will also allow card members to conduct transactions such as bill payments, dining, charitable contributions, online shopping, petrol purchases, Pilgrimage Fund Board’s (Tabung Haji) transactions or ticket bookings.

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New VISA Debit Card with Cash Rebate from RHB Bank

RHB VISA Debit Card

RHB Bank recently launch 2 new VISA debit cards namely Cash-Connect & My-Cash-i VISA debit cards. Previously RHB Bank have similar debit card but with Mastercard logo. With the new offering, customers will be able to choose either Debit Card with VISA or Mastercard logo.

What interest me regarding this debit card is the VISA logo which I hope support PayPal fund withdrawal. Cash-Connect VISA debit cards will be link to the Conventional Current or Saving account while My-Cash-i VISA debit cards will be link to similar Islamic accounts.

Together with the launching, RHB Bank offering 2% cash rebate for any transactions made with the card. Maximum cash rebate entitlement per account is RM30 per month. This promotion will ends 31st March 2010. After the promotion period the cash rebate will be reduce to 0.5% on all transaction.

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New Maybankard MasterCard Platinum Debit

maybank platinum debit card

Maybank recently launch a new Maybankard MasterCard Platinum Debit. It is the bank’s first debit card that sets a higher daily spending of up to RM10,000. The current limit for existing ATM & Debit Card is RM5,000.

Maybankard MasterCard Platinum Debit is targeted to entrepreneurs and professionals. The card offered to the bank’s premiere account both conventional or islamic account. The card has no annual fee and also doubles as an automated teller machine card.

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New Public Bank Day2Day Visa Debit Card

public bank day2day visa debit

Public Bank launched its latest card product, the PB Day2Day Visa Card. The new PB Day2Day Card functions as a Visa Debit card and ATM Card. It is directly linked to the Public Bank Savings Account maintained by the cardholder. Customers can use the card for retail purchases, such as shopping, dining or entertainment at any establishment that accept Visa/Bankcard or MEPS locally or globally, or over the internet. There was a report that saying this card can be used to verify paypal account & also withdraw paypal fund.

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