Startups Need to Protect Work to Maintain a Competitive Edge

CopyrightStartups need to work from the ground up. Part of the process of establishing your business is creating materials documenting the kind of work you will be doing, and how you will be doing it. Also, marketing objectives are often laid out in videos, brochures and eBooks. The intention of these materials is to send out something to clients and potential clients to increase revenue. As this information is made public, there is always the chance the competition will simply pick up the copy and use it. This can create a big problem for your company. Protecting the work you have put into everything you produce is highly important, according to StartupNation. And protecting your intellectual property means having it copyrighted. Copyright is simply the right to use and distribute an original work by the creator of that work.

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Small Business Owners Save Money with New POS Systems

POS SystemThe new age of business is paperless and cashless. As such, technology has taken over every aspect of retail and restaurant industries. These are the same two industries dominated by the use of POS systems. All of these systems have been created to be massive stationary units which could stand up to the persistent use by employees who are less than gentle on their work equipment. The new trend is to actually move away from such tough equipment to utilize something a little sleeker and provide a lot more options. There are even upscale restaurants utilizing the iPad to take orders and accept credit card payments right at the table, according to Inc.com.

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Comparison Between of Payment Processors in Malaysia

Online PaymentIn Malaysia, online shopping grows tremendously in the recent years. In the year, 2010, the market size for online shopping was approximately RM 1.8 billion. The figure is expected to grow over RM 5 billion in 2014, which represent 35 percent increase per year

Low prices, convenience, easy to compare & save time are among the main reason why Malaysian shop online.

Entrepreneurs may want to take advantage of the scenario by launching an online shopping website. If you’re one of them or planning to be, you want to explore the choice of Payment Processors that is available in Malaysia.

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How to Register for a SSM e-account & myGovernment PSP User


This post is part 2 of “How to Register a Business or Company via Internet?” series. It is applicable to registering a business or company.

This step is also the shortest & simplest step in the whole process or business or company registration. It takes less than 5 minutes but has to wait for a few hours or a day to get approve for myGovernment PSP (Public Service Portal) user.

Register for a SSM e-account

SSM e-account registration is very simple & it approved instantly. This account is very important to be used in the later steps for Business or Company name search,

These are the steps for registration.

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How to Register a Business or Company via Internet?


According to “Registration of Businesses Act 1956 (Act 197)” business or company owner is required to register his business not later than 30 days from the date of business commencement.

The fastest way to register a business or company is by visiting “Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)” office nationwide. If for any reason, you want to do it via internet you can use the following procedure. (Note :- The steps below is only the summary. Details explanation which includes screenshots will be posted in subsequent articles).

Register a Business

  1. Register for SSM e-account
  2. Register with myGovernment as PSP (Public Service Portal) user
  3. Subscribe to “SSM Subscriber Registration”
  4. Apply for Business Name Approval (ROB)
  5. Registration of Business (ROB)

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