eBook – How to Invest like Warren Buffett?

Value Investing eBookDo you wish to know how to invest successfully like Warren Buffett but feel uneasy to read many books and other study materials?
Are you made some losses in the stock market and wish to discover a better ‘system’ to invest?
Are you keep worrying about the stock market’s ups and downs?

If you are one of the above, then, you really need to be attentive and see what I’ve got to offer you.

As the title implies, this eBook is all about value investing principles publicly expressed by Warren Buffett, the greatest celebrity investor ever. This eBook will show you extremely simple step-by-step strategies to follow when a stock comes into your mind.

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How to Invest in a Down Market? – Mr Stingy

Down MarketA friend of mine, Aaron from blog, recently compiled 5 valuable opinions of investment strategies during down market from 5 peoples who established their own financial & management internet portal. Worth to note that some of them are also founders of some financial related companies.

I was given a chance by him to give my views on this matter. I never consider myself a financial expert (although Aaron insists me to be one) but I have my on strategies on what need to be done during this period.

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Learn & Build your Wealth Through Value Investing Summit 2013

I want to bring to your attention, Asia’s biggest investing event – Value Investing Summit 2013. More information can be found at Value Investing Summit 2013 webpage.

I’ve talked about this summit early this year in KL, and true enough, this summit is one to be at if you are interested in learning about value investing.

At last year’s summit, 6 Value stocks were being discussed at the event.. and true enough… 5 of the stock price shot up within the last 6 months – despite the flat, stagnation movement of the market.

You may want to look at the proof in the graph below.

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Discover the Investing Secrets that Built Billionaires

One of the best ways to compound and grow your wealth is through investing… and the easiest way is through retail. However, the challenge is always about the right stocks to buy or invest so that you ensure minimal risk and at the same time, gaining maximum returns from of your investments.

Now have you ever wondered why some people almost always win in the stock market? It’s not that they are lucky, but rather, they do follow a simple methodology call – Value Investing.

People like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch or even Tan Teng Boo, the Warren Buffett of Malaysia.

If you are looking forward to discover how the rich really invest and their secret to success, I do hope that you’ll join me in this upcoming Value Investing Summit on 31st March to 1st April 2012.

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Perpetual, Australia’s Most Experienced Investment and Trustee Groups


Perpetual is one of the oldest financial institutions in Australia. It was established in Sydney in 1886 under the name Perpetual Trustee Company (Limited). It is known as one of the most experienced investment and trustee groups.

With over 120 years of operating history, Perpetual has helped countless Australian’s individuals, families and companies to protect and manage their wealth through a proper and brilliant investment strategy specially formulated to fit their needs.

To ensure an outstanding performance on the investment, Perpetual has a very clear investment philosophy and applies it diligently while investing client’s funds.

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