Structure Investment

CIMB Max InvestSave Bonanza Promotion

CIMB is having a new promotion for their long-term investment fund, Max InvestSave. This is the third promotion since the fund was launched in October 2008.

CIMB Max InvestSave Bonanza Promotion period are from 4 April 2011 until 31 August 2011. During the promotion period investors will earn free bonus units up to 30% for every investment or top-up made. However, it is only applicable for minimum investments of RM5,000 plus a minimum Periodical Payment Instruction (PPI) of RM200 monthly.

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Max InvestSave PSSIA-i is Now Available in CIMBClicks

CIMB Max InvestSave PSSIA-i was launched in October 2008 but only recently the function to view, invest more or make redemption are available in CIMBClicks. The functions is very useful for Max InvestSave account holder.

If you are not familiar with CIMB Max InvestSave PSSIA-i kindly go to “CIMB MaxInvestSave” page to read more about these funds. To view historical Reference Index Value (RIV), you can browse RIV Charts for Max InvestSave page.

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Investments, Potential Return vs Risk Level


We always heard that many people are saying high risk investment come with higher return. But how do we know which investments have higher return with higher risk and vice versa.

There are 3 level of investments risk namely conservative, moderate and aggressive with potential return ranging from 3 percent and up to 20 percent. The most commonly type of investments from lowest to highest potential returns are government securities, fixed deposits, bonds, investment linked insurances, equities and options/warrants.

The chart below illustrates the risk and potential return of the common types of investment products.

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Comparison Between Structured Investments and Fixed Deposits

structured investments

In the last posts, we look at main features and benefits of Structured Investments. The most notable feature of Structured Investments is that can give you potentially higher return than fixed deposits. However it comes with potentially higher risks too.

If you are unsure to choose whether to invest in Structured Investments or Fixed Deposits and would like to know the difference, this post is right for you. The table below illustrate the main difference between Structured Investments and Fixed Deposits.

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What are Structured Investments?

structured investments

When you invest, you aim is to maximize your returns over a period of time. Structure Investments are a form of investment that can give you potentially higher return than fixed deposits. However, it comes with potentially higher risks.

Structure Investments are investment product offered by financial institutions. These investments are linked to the various underlying assets such as interest rate, foreign exchange, equities, fixed income instruments or market indices.

Main Features of Structured Investments

Fixed term investments which may be held to maturity depending on the features of the products. If encashed or redeemed before maturity, your investments may lose part of the return or/and principal.

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