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Stocks to Watch Before & After General Election 2013

 The impending general election may be wrong-footing stock market investors due to uncertainty concerns. But if you are one of those banking on the current administration staying in power, there are some stocks that are worth taking a bet on.

These are companies that are doing well but which also have a political flavour one way or the other. These could be in the form of government contracts, shareholdings or just personalities involved in their key management or ownership.

The table below is eight stocks to keep on your radar.

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OSK 2013 Strategy for Construction Sector

OSK maintaining an OVERWEIGHT rating on the construction sector as its underperformance is unjustified given the strong contract wins in 2012. Based on tracking of jobs flow on Bursa Malaysia, Malaysia’s public-listed contractors had secured close to RM25bn worth of contracts as of 9M12.

Things certainly look rosier for 2013, during which more meaningful earnings contribution from works carried out on the KV MRT may be expected.

OSK continue to like Gamuda (BUY, FV: RM4.90) among the big caps counters and KimLun (BUY, FV: RM2.46) for small-cap counters.

Below are the target price, market capitalization and rating for selected stocks in construction sector.

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OSK 2013 Strategy for Oil & Gas Sector

O&GOSK is bullish on the O&G industry in the immediate term as it would be very soon before new contracts are awarded, including:

  • RM8-10bn worth of hook-up commissioning in the Pan Malaysia cluster
  • marginal oilfields
  • replacement of expiring brownfield contracts.

OSK’s top picks for the sector is SapuraKencana Petroleum (BUY FV RM3.00), Dialog (BUY FV: RM3.45) and Dayang (BUYFV: RM2.90). They like these companies for their excellent track records and believe that in the event of a slowdown in contract awards, they would still have strong orderbook.

Below are the target prices and ratings for selected Oil & Gas stock.

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Uchitec, High Dividend Yield Stock & Fair Value/Target Price (Update)


Uchi Technologies Berhad (Uchitec-7100) was incorporated on 18th February 1998. It was converted to a public limited company and transferred to the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia on 9th May, 2002.

The main activities of Uchi Technologies are principally involved in manufacturing of mixed signal microprocessor-based application and system integration products, and trading of complete electronic module and saturated paper for printed circuit board (PCB) lamination.

Among the largest shareholders are Tabung Haji, EPF, PNB, KWAP and a few unit trust funds.

Uchitec is known to have solid management, and they are paying a very attractive dividend to shareholders. For the past 7 years except for 2009, the dividend yield for Uchitec stays above 6% which is about 2 times of the current fixed deposit rate. For the year 2011, the dividend yield was 11%.

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OSK 30 Jewels – Top Small Cap Companies 2012

This is the follow up from the earlier article on OSK 30 Jewels – Top Small Cap Companies posted in May. This time there are more detail figures in each stocks.

OSK Jewels Small Cap Companies was initially published by OSK in 2005. The selection of the 30 companies are based on Market Capitalization (<= RM1.5bn), Profit track record, Price earnings ratio (PER), Price to NTA (P/NTA), Net gearing, Return on Equity (ROE), Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in earnings, Dividend prospects, Management track record & Stock and industry related catalysts.

Below are the full list of OSK 2012 Jewels which includes target price, forecast for 2012 PER & Dividend Yield.

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