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How to Invest in Gold?


Historically, gold is perceived to be a safe haven during uncertainties and economic crises as it is considered more stable than other asset classes. It is generally an effective hedge against inflation and fluctuations in the US dollars.

Gold is an investment tool for preservation of wealth and a store of value in times of market volatility. It is an asset diversifier that could lower the overall risk in an investment portfolio.

This article will focus on different ways to invest in gold.

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How to Withdraw Paypal Fund to Malaysian Bank

PayPalAs announce earlier on the policy changes, finally Paypal user from Malaysia is able to withdraw their Paypal fund to their Malaysian bank account. This is indeed the most wanted feature dream by them.

Paypal withdrawal to Malaysian bank account will be completely free of charge if the withdrawal amount is equal or above RM400.00 but there will be a nominal fee of RM3.00 if the withdrawal amount is less than RM400.00. The withdrawal will take 2 to 3 business days to be reflected in the bank account. I expect that Paypal is utilizing MEPS network for the fund transfer.

If your Paypal fund is in other currency other than Malaysian Ringgit, Paypal will automatically convert it for you with 2.5 percent exchange fee.

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