e-Filing Dateline Extended by Another 15 Days

Today, 30th April is the last day for individual taxpayers to submit their Form BE. If you are not ready to submit the form, there is a good news to you.

The dateline is extended by another 15 days BUT only applicable to taxpayers who opt to submit the Form BE by e-Filing. So, the taxpayers who choose to submit their forms and pay taxes via e-filing will now have up to 15th May to do so.

The 15-day grace period was also extended to those who had their own businesses, which would allow them to submit and pay via e-filing by 15th July.

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How to do e-Filing for Individual Income Tax Return


The easiest & most convenient way to submit income tax return form is via e-Filing. Normally, e-Filing system start to open on 1st of March for previous year tax assessment. e-Filing system can be used to submit e-BE, e-B, e-M, e-E, e-P and e-M form.

For information, the dateline to complete e-BE and e-M income tax return is on 30th April while for e-B and e-P and e-M is on 30th June.

Below are simple guides on how to do e-Filing.

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What You Should Know About Tax on Rental Property

Rental House

Income derived from a rental property is taxable. If you own a rental property, the rental income obtained should be declared in your income tax return form.

Bear in mind that not all monetary transaction between the house owner & tenant is taxable. Also remember that certain expenses on the rental property are eligible for deduction to reduce the income tax.

Take a look at the following scenario.

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2010 Income Tax Exemptions, Deduction, Rates, Reliefs and Rebates

Similar to previous years, this is the time where we have to prepare and submit individual income tax return form to IRB. For 2010 individual income tax, the last date to submit the individual income tax return form is on the 30th April 2011.

Any delay is subjected to penalty as below;

Any tax due and payable but has not been paid by the taxpayer by the due date shall be increased by 10% and any balance remaining unpaid upon the expiration of 60 days from the due date shall be further increased by 5% of the balance unpaid.

Read more to find out more information on free tax software, tax exemption, deduction, rates, reliefs and rebates for individual for year 2010.

If you are not sure what are tax exemption, rates, reliefs and rebates, you can read here.

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How to Make Payment for 2009 Individual Income Tax?

income tax

The last date to submit Individual Income Tax Return for year 2009 in on 30th April 2010 which is tomorrow. If you fail to pay by the due date you have to pay penalty charge of 10%. The penalty is increased by another 5% if the remaining unpaid balance not paid after 60 days.

Have you complete yours? If not, better hurry as the time is running out.

Below are the information and guides that you may need to complete it.

  1. How to do e-Filing for Individual Income Tax Return
  2. Malaysia Individual Income Tax Exemptions, Deduction, Rates, Reliefs and Rebates for 2009
  3. Is Income from Investment Taxable?
  4. Overpaid Tax Refund in 30 Days with e-filing

And finally if have have to make additional payment you have many option as listed below.

Payment At Bank

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