National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress 2014 – Success without Limits

National Achivers 2014 CongressWe often complain about how our lives don’t go the way as planned and come up with excuses why we are not as successful as we could in our finances, relationships or career. Sounds familiar? This is the golden opportunity for you to attend The National Achievers Congress 2014 (NAC 2014), a 3 day intensive seminar featuring inspiring world-class speakers all in one venue.

This year’s NAC 2014 returns on a larger scale in Malaysia with an expected crowd of 4000-5000 people. Our keynote speaker will be Nick Vujicic, an international inspirational speaker and best-selling author born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick learnt to complete tasks like brushing his teeth and hair, typing, and playing sports. He still had to overcome being bullied in school and depression because of his condition.

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