Tax Deduction

Malaysia Individual Income Tax Exemptions, Deduction, Rates, Reliefs and Rebates for 2009

income tax

It is time of the year again for us to complete income tax return form for the year of 2009. For individuals, the last date to submit the form is on the 30th April 2010. This is what LHDN or IRB warn if you fail to do it by the dateline.

Any tax due and payable but has not been paid by the taxpayer by the due date shall be increased by 10% and any balance remaining unpaid upon the expiration of 60 days from the due date shall be further increased by 5% of the balance unpaid.

Read more to find out more information on tax exemption, deduction, rates, reliefs and rebates for individual for year 2009.

If you are not sure what are tax exemption, rates, reliefs and rebates, you can read here.

Which form to fill in?

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