1-million-dollar-blog is Now Hosted on a VPS Server

Now 1-million-dollar-blog is hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the system is provided by TurnKey Internet. Previously,  1-million-dollar-blog is hosted on a share hosting provided by Bluehost.

For those who are not familiar, VPS is basically a virtual server which has guaranteed server resources such as CPU, memory & hard-drive space. User also has full control over the server such as OS reinstall & server reboot. This will result in faster webpage serving & able to handle more visitors (I hope so).

I managed to grab a very good deal on their Black Friday 2011 sale with 75% off for life. I buy package 4 of their VPS packages with the following specification;

Memory : 2 GB
No of CPU : 2
CPU Speed : 2 x 2 GHz (4 GHz)
Bandwidth : 3,000 GB per month
Managed Services : Silver Package

The system is very powerful, 1-million-dollar-blog is taking only less than 5 % of the server resources. I plan to use the extra resources to build more websites.

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  • My knowledge in Linux is terrible so there is some glitch in VPS Server. Temporarily, this blog back to share hosting until I manage to get it fixed.

  • Good luck bro..

  • Thanks kingjoke. Staring about 1am last night, it is back to VPS server. Looking good so far. Now, I am doing a stress test to the server. Let’s see how long it can handle it.

    Anyway thanks to TurnKey Internet support team who manage to rectify the problem within short time.


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