AS 1Malaysia Unitholders Get 6.40 sen Dividend for 2015


Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB), announced a dividend of 6.40 sen per unit for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia) for the financial year ended 30th September 2015.

The  dividend is 0.20 sen per unit lower then 6.60 sen per unit announced in 2014. Kindly refer to “Historical AS1 Malaysia Dividend Rate” for previous year dividend.

The dividend will involve a total payment of RM694.96 million and will benefit 395,036 unit holders which currently hold 10.9 billion units of AS 1Malaysia

As of 28th September 2015, AS 1Malaysia has recorded a gross income of RM813.57 million. Profit from the sale of shares contributed RM431.35 million or 53%, dividend income from investee companies contributed RM233.75 million or 28.7 %, and the remaining RM148.47 million or 18.3 % is derived from investment in short term instruments and other income.

The dividend calculation of the AS 1Malaysia will be based on the average monthly minimum balance held throughout the financial year of the fund.

The dividend will be automatically credited into the unit holders’ accounts on 1st October 2015. In order to facilitate the dividend payment, all transactions for AS 1Malaysia has been suspended starting 24th to 30th September 2015.

Unit holders will be able to update their accounts at ASNB head office, ASNB branch or ASNB agents starting 1st October 2015.

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  • In the 2015 financial statements there is no notes as to how the write-off of RM157 million investments come from.It is the second biggest expense.
    Thank you.


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