Bank Rakyat Declares 13% Dividend for 2015

Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Bhd (Bank Rakyat) declares 13 percent cash dividend amounting RM385 million to its members for financial year end 31st December 2015.

The dividend, however lower that 15% declared in 2014.

For previous year dividend rate, kindly browse “Historical Bank Rakyat Dividend Rate” page.

In the same period, bank recorded a profit before tax and zakat (tithe) of RM2.01 billion versus RM2.19 billion in 2014.

The dividends will be paid to members, starting 23rd March 2016.

The dividend was declared on the back of a stronger revenue of RM6.43 billion up against RM6.06 billion reaped in 2014.

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