Cash & Book Giveaway by 1-million-dollar-blog & 259trillionvs5trillion

The 1-million-dollar-blog third year anniversary in conjunction with the author of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion Books series will hold a giveaway from 13th February to 15th March 2012.

The participants

  1. Stand a chance to win a grand giveaway of RM259.00 plus a full color paperback of Book 2 of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion (worth RM125.00).
  2. Second place giveaway will be RM100.00 plus a normal paperback of Book 2(worth RM40.00).
  3. Third place giveaway will be RM50.00 plus a normal paperback of Book 2(worth RM40.00).
  4. Everyone who participate will receive full digital copy of Book 1 of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion – The Conundrum of Asset & Money (worth RM16.00).

To enter is very easy. Just do the following:

Giveaway Round 1 (13th February to 7th March)

A participant must:

  1. Visit and read the online preview copy of Book 1- The Conundrum of Assets & Money
  2. Write a minimum 100 words summary/thoughts/review in your blog (Refer to Write Up Rules)
  3. Provide the link to your write up at the “Giveaway” page COMMENT FORM at the book official site AND at this post. This will enable us to keep track on the participant. Make sure you enter your email address correctly.

If you complete these 3 steps, you will automatically win a giveaway of the FULL digital copy of Book 1: The Conundrum of Asset & Money FREE (worth RM16). The organizer will giveaway the book after checking the posted writing at your website.

The Grand Giveaway (8th to 15th March)

Only open to participants who completed the first part of the giveaway.

For the chance to win the Grand Prize, Second and Third Prize:

  1. Answer two simple questions correctly (the answers can be found in Book 1 which you received and read)

The questions will be posted on the on 8th March, 2012. Email your answers to the organizers by 15th March 2012 1159PM Malaysia time.

Write Up & Contest Rules

  1. Write a blog entry with a minimum of 100 words in English, in your personal blog, or any other website that the participant is in control of. This post must be in the front page (the main page, or the root page) of your website for at least 3 days after publishing. Failure to put the post at the front page will render the write up to be disqualified.
  2. The topic to be written will be about Book One (The Conundrum of Assets & Money) of the 259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion Book Series. The participant can write a summary of the book, or how the book can assist in eliminating the confusion between money and assets/wealth or a review of the book. A large part of the book is available on-line at the author’s website at
  3. The participant must submit his or her blog address to the organizer at and at the Comment Section of the author’s website by the deadline on 7th March 2012.
  4. The organizer will visit and check the posted write up at the participant’s website to read and confirm the write up. Once confirmed, EACH participant will receive a FREE giveaway of digital copy of Book1 worth RM16.
  5. Each participant of Round 1 can now enter to win the prizes in the Grand Giveaway. Just, Read the book and answer two simple questions correctly.
  6. The lucky recipients will be decided by the organizer based on the correctness of the questions answered and the creativity of their write up.
  7. Winners for the Grand Giveaway will be announced by 30th March 2012.
  8. All participants of the Grand Giveaway who answer the two questions correctly will receive a special discount of 50% for the purchase Book 2 as a special bonus. Valid only for purchase of digital copy (Retail Price of RM23)

Terms and conditions

  1. The organizer reserves the absolute right to select the winner.
  2. The organizer reserves all rights to change the rules as necessary to ensure good delivery of the giveaway
  3. The participant is not limited to one entry if they have multiple sites, as long as all the conditions of this giveaway scheme are met. The participants are however not allowed to modify, edit, delete or move the write up in their website for the duration of the giveaway (until the end of March, 2012).
  4. The write up for each participant must clearly state the following:
    • The name of the book in full.
    • One hyperlink each to the official book website and 1-million-dollar-blog must be included.


“I had read the brilliant book number one of 259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion Series titled, The Conundrum Of Assets & Money and I found the book helped me to understand the confusion I have between value-less paper money and real assets. …….gold is explained nicely in this book. …….. ….. …… ……

….. ….. ………..

The book can be found at the authors’ official website at

Thank you 1 million blog (at ) for organizing this giveaway.”

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  • Nice giveaway, gluck evyone..

  • kingjoke, plan to join?

    • Nice, will join, but unclear with the step and rules

  • Ahmad Hati, which section you don’t understand?


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