Discover the Investing Secrets that Built Billionaires

One of the best ways to compound and grow your wealth is through investing… and the easiest way is through retail. However, the challenge is always about the right stocks to buy or invest so that you ensure minimal risk and at the same time, gaining maximum returns from of your investments.

Now have you ever wondered why some people almost always win in the stock market? It’s not that they are lucky, but rather, they do follow a simple methodology call – Value Investing.

People like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch or even Tan Teng Boo, the Warren Buffett of Malaysia.

If you are looking forward to discover how the rich really invest and their secret to success, I do hope that you’ll join me in this upcoming Value Investing Summit on 31st March to 1st April 2012.

What’s so great about this summit is that unlike any other thin content “pitch fest”, which we so dreaded. For 2 full days, it will be content after content after contents… which is great for learning.

This event features some big names like Mike Lai, Director of Pheim Asset Management, who manages a fund of more than 2 BILLION RM… and he will be talking and sharing his insights on how to invest during crisis using the value investing approach.

Attlee Hue, a REITs master who was responsible for putting together more than US $600 Million in property transaction will also be sharing how anyone can pick out good REITs to invest for passive income.

And even Joey Yap, a Feng Shui master will also be speaking and sharing his outlook for the year in terms of wealth creation and the economics for the next few months.

If you want to hear from real investors with real results, you should not miss this event:

Buy your tickets here before the early-bird promotion expires.

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  • I do not have anything personal against Feng Shui but LOL one at a seminar called “Value Investment” ?
    What’s next? Another Feng Shui master presenting his papers at a seminar for medical experts?

  • Hi Ocbiru,

    Well, you have to look at the overall summit as a whole. While you may not be into Feng Shui, there will be others interested. So of course, if you choose to, you can don’t attend that particular segment. It’s a personal choice.

    but one thing is for sure, the rest of the segment will be strictly about investing in stocks and Reits using value approach.

    In our part, we aim to deliver the very best to all the participants of the summit. Again, as mentioned in the site… this is a non-pitch event. Meaning… there will be strictly no pitching on stage. (Unlike most other pitch fest seminar).

    Have a great day =)

  • i already learnt this investment almost 7 years. and got total lost rm28000..
    for first 11 months by 2006…
    but since 2007 untill oktober 2011 im gain many knowledge with 5 books and uncounted analysis by my self through my 11 months experience and read processed. i already start again to invest by end of oktober. with the rm 35000 the begining, right now i have rm 7* ***.. and my target by end of 2016 i will be the break my own record BEING THE MILLIONAIRE…. 1.1 MILLION is the minimum target.. ..this is abut giving the motivational to who ever still in LOSEs… remember knowledge and discuplines is the keys…my formula is KD or cadey in golfer assistant… KD is the key success for every golfer in the world… Sharing for GOD Wealth…


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