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new-companies-act-trainingThe Companies Bill 2015 was passed in both houses of Parliament in April 2016 and is expected to come into force soon . It is important for you to keep updated with the changes and impact of the NEW Companies Act.

A few changes under the NEW Companies Act that will impact business are

  • Unlimited Capacity for Companies
  • Single Shareholder and Director
  • No AGMs Necessary
  • Abolishing the Unanimity Rule for Written Shareholder Resolutions
  • No-Par Value Regime
  • Alternative Procedures for a Reduction of Capital:
  • Reforming Share Buy-Backs
  • Liberalizing the Financial Assistance Prohibition
  • Extending the Definition of “Director” to include ‘Shadow Directors’
  • Director’s Remuneration to be Approved by Shareholders
  • Exemption and Indemnification of Directors
  • Corporate Rescue Mechanisms

A lot of questions that were raised:

  • What are the challenges that directors / shareholders may face ?
  • What are the impact for Private Companies and Public Listed Companies ?
  • What are the significant changes that will impact the operations of your company & business ?

A lot of business owners & advisers are:

  • Confused About Which Type of Business Entity To Set Up During Start Up
  • Worried of Setting Up The Wrong Business Structure When Expanding Their Business
  • Insecure in case they are Getting Wrong Advice on NEW Companies Act

EvannaMiss8 and MAICSA Chartered Secretary, Ms Mah Li Chen have put up some free videos to help you understand better on the practical issues and impact …

In the FREE video previews, you’ll learn from Li Chen about the
Video #01: Overview, Company Formation & Company Secretaries
Video #02: Capital Raising and Capital Maintenance Rules
Video #03: Corporate Governance and Shareholders’ Rights, Insolvency, Enforcement, Regulations and Others

This is Malaysia’s first and only online training on the NEW COMPANIES ACT. Do opt-in for the free training video here

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