Get up to $5000 Short Term Loans with Cashfirst


If you are Australian resident and would like to obtain fast cash, you can’t go wrong with Cashfirst. Cashfirst will provide cash loans in between $1000 and $5000 to meet your unexpected expenses such as an emergency car breakdown.

Guess what! If you are in dire need for fast cash, you can obtain from Cashfirst in no time. Approval process is extremely fast. Normally, it takes place within 60 seconds, and the cash will be in your bank account within 24 hours of approval. That’s what we call fast!

Cashfist is also well-known for their excellent customer service and turned any complicated ordeal, into a simple and easy process. They always treat the customers with respect that they deserve.

Another advantage that Cashfirst provided is a flexible terms and realistic repayments that suit anyone’s budget. Most importantly, Cashfirst does not sting their customers with hidden fees and charges that will burden them.

To apply, you have to follow 3 simple steps.

  1. Are you qualified? To qualify you must be employed & earn over $20,000 per annum with good credit history.
  2. Fill up and submit an online application form which only takes a few minutes.
  3. Obtain approval within 60 seconds.

Cashfirst is a member of Australia’s leading companies, Thorn Australia Pty Ltd, which is listed in Australian Stock Exchange and has been trading in Australia for over 70 years. They have many offices and branches throughout Australia.

It is a member of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) and the Australian Finance Conference (AFC) and provide a safe and secure online experience.

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