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Down MarketA friend of mine, Aaron from blog, recently compiled 5 valuable opinions of investment strategies during down market from 5 peoples who established their own financial & management internet portal. Worth to note that some of them are also founders of some financial related companies.

I was given a chance by him to give my views on this matter. I never consider myself a financial expert (although Aaron insists me to be one) but I have my on strategies on what need to be done during this period.

My view is that during the uncertain time, we better to keep cash and many of us frequently heard that cash is the king. But don’t just keep it, but you could park your hard cash temporarily in a lower-return but safe and liquid investment like fixed deposits, before you strike with your next investment.

While doing that, do homework and select good stocks or properties to invest, you will be rewarded handsomely when the market recover because you start your investment at lower entry point. My view is base on my real investment experience for the past decade.

If you are interested to read more opinions by KC Lau – founder of, CF Lieu – founder of LCF on Personal Finance, Suzardi Maulan – founder of and Lee Ching Wei – founder of head over to


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