Hyperinflation Story from Duck Tales

Duck Tales

Previously, we look at the Worst Hyperinflations in World History. Recently, I came across with a nice cartoons about hyperinflation from Duck Tales episode called Dough Ray Me.

This is the short synopsis about this episode.

Dough Ray Me, was the 82nd episode of Duck tales. It was first aired on the 3rd November 1989.

In this episode, the inventor Gyro creates a multiphonic duplicator. This device is capable of making exact copies of any objects. Huey, Duey and Louie play with the device and later on start duplicating money. Things go terribly wrong when the duplicated money begins to spontaneously duplicate on its own. Duckburg is quickly over run with duplicated money, causing prices to skyrocket or in other word hyperinflation.

What happen when hyperinflation occur and how do they solve the problem?

Dough Ray Me Part 1

Dough Ray Me Part 2

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