Multiplies Your Money Fast with AffinPlus Accont

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Early this year, Affin Bank introducing AffinPlus acoount that manifest their Banking Without Barriers philosophy. With an AffinPlus account, you will gain the flexibility of cheque writing convenience with the high interest of a savings account. This gives you greater accessibility and opportunities to plan and manage your funds, going beyond the boundaries of conventional banking for your benefit.

AffinPlus added benefits and features are:

  • Enjoy a simple and hassle free account opening process at any 87 Affin bank branches nationwide with Identification Card (I.C.) only.
  • Combine your accounts for effective cash management.
  • Added convenience of 8,367 MEPS ATM’s nationwide

  • Debit card and cheque writing facilities.
  • Advance Internet banking facilities with an online cheque viewing feature.
  • Earn high interest up to 3%
  • Optimum returns with daily calculated interest for every ringgit deposited.
  • No monthly/ yearly maintenance charges.
  • No introducer required
  • Open to individuals 18 years and above
  • Also available as AffinPlus-i, a shariah compliant product by Affin Islamic.

For more information kindly proceed to Affin Bank AffinPlus account webpage.

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  • You can never expect to “multiplies your money” with this account.

    Under Rule of 72, it takes 24 years to double your money. How many 24 years you have?

    Check my blog for “Rule of 72”.

    Anyhow, pure marketing slogan.


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