New Bank Islam VISA Debit Card-i with Cash Rebate

Debit Card

Bank Islam recently launched a new debit card called “Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i”. It is a multi functional card that combines the features of ATM a Visa card.

One of the main benefit of this card is, on every retail purchases made using Visa Debit Card-i, card members will enjoy 0.5 percent cash rebate.

The new Visa Debit Card-i will also allow card members to conduct transactions such as bill payments, dining, charitable contributions, online shopping, petrol purchases, Pilgrimage Fund Board’s (Tabung Haji) transactions or ticket bookings.

Bank Islam Visa Debit Card-i also allows cash withdrawal at all MEPS ATM machine locally. Overseas withdrawal can be made from any ATM machine displaying VISA Plus logo.

For every transaction made by using the card, it would be automatically deducted from card members’ account and immediately reflected in their account statement, thus enabling effective account management by card members.

Any Individuals aged 15 years and above and have a current and/or savings account with Bank Islam are eligible to apply for the card.

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