New List Of Critical Illnesses that Eligible for EPF Health Withdrawal

Under the EPF Health Withdrawal scheme, members are allowed to withdraw from their Account II to pay for their own and family members’ medical costs for the treatment of critical illnesses.

The list new now covers for the treatment of 36 critical illnesses compared to only 13 previously.

In addition to the 36 critical illnesses, members are also allow to make withdrawals to treat family members below the age of 16 for another three critical illnesses. The illness are severe asthma, leukaemia and intellectual impairment due to accident or sickness.

Family members include spouse, children, step-children or legally adopted children, parents, parents-in-law, step-parents or legal foster parents and siblings.

The table belows are the new list of critical illness that eligible.

1 Aplastic Anaemia 19 Loss of Speech
2 Appalic Syndrome 20 Major Burns
3 Alzheimer’s Disease 21 Major Head Trauma
4 Benign Tumour of the Brain 22 Major Organ Transplant
5 Blindness 23 Medullary Cystic Disease
6 Cancer 24 Meningitis
7 Cardiomyopathy 25 Motor Neurone Disease
8 Chronic Liver Disease 26 Multiple Sclerosis
9 Chronic Lung Disease 27 Muscular Dystrophy
10 Coma 28 Paralysis
11 Coronary Artery Disease 29 Parkinson’s Disease
12 Deafness 30 Poliomyelitis
13 Encephalitis 31 Primary Pulmonary
14 Fulminant Viral Hepatitis 32 Stroke
15 Heart Attack 33 Surgery to Aorta
16 Heart Valve Replacement 34 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Lupus Nephritis
17 Kidney Failure 35 Terminal Illness
18 Loss of Independent Existence 36 Total Permanent Disability

Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has slammed the move, saying the money should be kept for one’s old age.

What do you think?

More information on EPF health Withdrawal can be find in EPF website.

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  • It is good move as many do not buy medical insurance.

    Lets think about this. For low income people, they can hardly have RM30,000 in their Account II (check EPF annual report on my blog and you will know the statistic.)

    I know you are not in that category since you know how to find this blog, but one medical bill will wiped out saving for years.

    Why don’t they get themselves insured? Life insurance agent, please work harder…


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