New Public Bank Day2Day Visa Debit Card

public bank day2day visa debit

Public Bank launched its latest card product, the PB Day2Day Visa Card. The new PB Day2Day Card functions as a Visa Debit card and ATM Card. It is directly linked to the Public Bank Savings Account maintained by the cardholder. Customers can use the card for retail purchases, such as shopping, dining or entertainment at any establishment that accept Visa/Bankcard or MEPS locally or globally, or over the internet. There was a report that saying this card can be used to verify paypal account & also withdraw paypal fund.

With this PB Day2Day Visa Card, customers have the opportunity to enjoy savings while they shop. They can enjoy up to 1.0% Cash Back for Petrol and Grocery transaction for a promotional period of 6 months, up to a maximum of RM30 per month. The promotion will run until 7 December 2009 after which customers will be entitled to 0.8% Cash Back. Customer can also enjoy unlimited Cash Back of up to 0.3% on other retail purchases charged to their PB Day2Day Visa Card.

Beginning at launch, a campaign will be held to award the first 3,000 customers a welcome gift of an Eco Bag when they swipe a minimum RM50 for retail purchases 6 times during the promotion period. Customers are not required to submit any contest entry forms but they are required to maintain a minimum of RM3,000 available balances in their Savings Account during the selection period to qualify.

Below are the details about PB Day2Day Visa Card.

  1. 1.0% Cash Back for Petrol and Grocery transaction (until 7 December 2009). After that 0.8% cash rebate.
  2. Unlimited Cash Back of up to 0.3% on other retail purchases.
  3. Maximum rebate of RM30 per month for petrol ang grocery transaction & will e credited to account monthly.
  4. Accepted at 29 million VISA merchants locations worldwide.
  5. Internet friendly card.

More details are available at Public Bank webpage.

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