OSK Top 5 Stock Picks for April 2011

Markets rebounded in March with the KLCI ending 1Q in the black. Moving into 2Q, OSK foresee there will be some short term volatility but they are confident on their year-end KLCI target of 1680 pts.

OSK also advise investors to buy Big Caps on potential rebounds while focusing on the more defensive Small Caps given their superior performance over the past few months. OSK’s favourite sectors remain Banks, O&G, Property and Construction in the mid- to short-term while the longer term buys are Media and Healthcare.

The table below are the target price for April 2011 top picks.

Stocks Price (RM) Target price (RM) Market Cap (RM million) Rating
Axiata 4.79 5.83 40,452.3 Buy
KPJ Healthcare 4.00 4.62 2,263.3 Buy
Media Chinese 1.13 1.65 1,902.8 Buy
Sunway 2.28 2.60 1,386.0 Buy
KimLun 1.76 2.32 403.0 Buy

Source : OSK Research

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