RM1 Banknote Survey


Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is doing a survey to seek public opinion on the usage of RM1 banknote which is the lowest currency denomination Malaysia.

The survey was opened to public since 13 May 2010 but I just notice it recently. The survey was managed by Department of Currency Management and Operations of BNM. The aim of this survey is to determine the substrate of a new RM1 banknote. BNM claimed that the survey will take maximum of 5 minutes to be completed.

I have complete mine and from the question asked, I can see that the question mainly concentrated on asking public opinion on polymer banknote.

Currently, Ringgit banknote was dominated by paper substrate with an exception of RM5 banknote which is available in polymer substrate. I think that RM5 polymer banknote is good. Its looks nicer and not easily get damaged.

Have you done yours? If not you can do it now by browsing through the following links. Your opinion is important!.

BNM press release on the survey
Survey Page

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