SC to Refund Swisscash Investor


After more than 3 years of investigation, finally Security Commission (SC) manage to obtain RM31 million from Swisscash investment scam. The money will be used to restitute eligible investors who have suffered losses as a result of the scam.

The restitution will be based on a court sanctioned distribution plan. Once the court’s approval has been obtained, the SC will appoint an administrator to manage the processing of the claims. The first batch of restitution will be made early next year.

To be eligible for compensation, Swisscash investors must produce some documentary evidence of their investments. The documents are in the form of Telegraphic transfer, bank transfer or internet banking transfer slip make to the Swisscash.

Investors who were also recruiters or upliners in the scheme will not be considered for compensation. The compensation is only for the initial investment minus the profit obtained. Other criteria include whether the person had invested in the scam despite warnings from the regulators.

So far, some 3,000 people have lodged complaints to the SC alleging losses in the scheme. If you want of the investor who loses in in scam, better act quickly.

The culprits for this scam is Albert Lee Kee Sien, Amir Hassan and Kevin Choo Mun Hoe. Until now, there is still no news what will happen to them. I hope the regulator will punish them accordingly for this multi million scam. What do you think?

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