Tabung Haji Declared 6.0% Dividend for 2011


Recently, Lembaga Tabung Haji or Pilgrim Fund Board of Malaysia announced a 6.0 percent dividend for financial year end 31st December 2011. The total dividend payout was RM1.67 billion, an increase of 25 per cent against RM1.33 billion in 2010.

The dividend was 0.5 per cent higher than the 2010 rate, which was 5.5 per cent and will benefited 6.9 million depositors nationwide. The dividend will be deposited the their account on Wednesday 8th February 2012.

Kindly refer to “Historical Tabung Haji Dividend Rate” page for previous year dividend.

The higher dividend was due to the fund’s better financial performance in 2011 with revenues of more than RM2.2 billion, six per cent higher compared with RM2.06 billion in 2010.

For the same period, 58 per cent on the income are derived from investments in equities. Of the 58 per cent, 25 per cent are coming from dividend income while the remaining 33 per cent from shares.

The second largest contribution came from investments in debt securities, mainly Islamic bonds, which contributed 15 per cent.

Tabung Haji also recorded RM44 million in business zakat payments in 2011 compared to RM41 million recorded in 2010.

The dividend rate for Tabung Haji is competitive, taking into account the profile of Tabung Haji’s investments, which are limited to syariah-compliant investments.

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  • I’m confused now. in BERNAMA, it says tabung haji declared bonus 6% and here it’s dividend 6% . Are these two (bonus and dividend) the same?? Can somebody clarifiy.

    • i think it’s dividend bro… this is good enough…considerng 6% after zakat. keep it up TH!

  • razibar, it is the same thing. You won’t get 12%

  • Thanks 1-milion-dollar-blog

    i guess you’ve misinterpreted my statement. If a company like Bank Rakyat declares in 2011 a 15% dividend + 5% bonus, it means 15% dividend on 2010 savings and 5% bonus based on 10 -year savings. Hence to me dividend and bonus are two different things. By the way, Tabung Haji declares BONUS 6% and not 6% dividend. That was the reason i seek clarification.

  • Browse thru webs, some use ‘dividen’ some use ‘bonus’. Looking at history the only year TH give dividend + bonus is in 2007 (5 sen dividen and 2 sen bonus). It could be bonus, but chances TH can give 6 sen bonus is probably vy low…but who knows, lets pray hard…:)

  • razibar, sorry for misinterpreting your statement. If you refer to Tabung Haji annual report, they always refer this distribution as dividend. Based on record that I have for previous few years, only in 2007, they declare dividend & bonus.


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