Tabung Haji Declared 8.0% Dividend & Bonus for 2012


Recently, Lembaga Tabung Haji or Pilgrim Fund Board of Malaysia announced a Golden Jubilee bonus comprising 6.5 per cent annual dividend and 1.5 per cent special bonus for financial year ended 31st December 2012. This bring the total dividend and bonus to 8 percent, the highest since year 2000.

The dividend was 0.5 per cent higher than the 2011 rate, which was 6.0 per cent but there is no bonus announced in 2011.

Kindly refer to “Historical Tabung Haji Dividend Rate” page for previous year dividend.

The payment, the highest since its inception fifty years ago, amounted to RM2.46 billion, comprising RM2.13 billion annual bonus and RM325 million special bonus. The payment of RM2.46 billion was arrived at after deducting RM47 million zakat.

Yearly dividend is calculated base on minimum monthly balance in 2012 while special bonus is calculated base on minimum monthly balance from January 2006 to December 2012.

This is the best anniversary reward from Tabung Haji in appreciation of the loyalty of the depositors.

The dividend rate for Tabung Haji is very competitive, taking into account the profile of Tabung Haji’s investments, which are limited to syariah-compliant investments.

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  • Dear Readers

    Please be informed that TH did not declare 8% dividen but 6.5% bonus + 1.5% special bonus payment. According to its website, the calculations are as follows:
    for 2012 savings, bonus payment= (min savings from Jan-Dec-2012/12months)*6.5% and for
    special bonus payment=(min savings from Jan-2006 to Dec-2012/84 months)*1.5%
    As i mentioned last year and i emphasise again, bonus and dividen are not the same . However, the calculations given by TH for 6.5% bonus payment sems similar to dividen. Why they call it bonus perhaps is for them to elaborate. Anyway, to combine 6.0%+1.5% bonus and call it dividen is not correct and the calculations above showed they are not the same unless your TH savings is the same since Jan-2006 to Dec-2012. Congratulations for all Th depositors

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    Happy Chinese New Year Greetings to you…


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