Comparison Between Online Stock Broker in Malaysia

Online stock broking offer more benefit than the conventional ways of trading through phone calls. No more excution delay because of remiser not in the office or engage with other clients. The most important reason why online stock broking is attractive is due to low brokerage fees and also there are an option for mobile trading.

Because of too many stock brokers available, it become difficult to choose which one is suitable. The comparison table below may help for you to make decision.

This list is still not final as some of the info is not available at their respective website. Feedback from readers are appreciated in order to complete the comparison. Kindly leave your comments if you like to add or found there are errors in the comparison table.
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Term Loan vs Flexi Loan for Property Financing

home loan

Currently, in the market there are two most widely known Property Financing. There are Term Loan and Flexi Loan. But for many of people, they have no idea what are the different between them & which one to choose when buying a property. Actually, in addition to Term Loan and Flexi Loan, there is a hybrid product called Semi-flexi Term Loan. This will make the confusion even worse.

In terms of interest calculation between Term Loan, Flexi Loan or semi-flexi Term Loan, actually no different between them. All of them use the same principal where interest is calculated base on principal balance. Nowdays, most of the Property Financing or Mortgage loan are based on “daily rest” calculations. In simple word interest is calculated daily based on the outstanding balance.

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Personal Loan vs Credit Card Debt


Why it’s not always cost efficient to use personal loan to clear credit card debt

The subject matter has become a common scenario among credit card debtors. Taking a personal loan to settle credit card sales method has also been adopted by banks in pushing their personal loan product. But is that wise? Key question – is the total sum paid to settle the personal loan actually less than the sum which would otherwise be paid to settle the credit card debts?

For that, a few factors need to considered. Firstly, the tenor; while credit cards have an indefinite tenor with a minimum of 5% of outstanding balance to be paid, a personal loan offers a range of between 1-7 years for repayment. This sounds better. Secondly, and more importantly, what is the actual annual interest rate of the personal loan (which differs from the nominal fixed rate quoted for personal loan) as compared to the annual interest rate of the credit card, which is about 18%?

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