Global Enabling Trade Report 2012


World Economic Forum (WEF) which is based in Geneva, Switzerland recently published “The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012”. The report contained Enabling Trade Index 2012 which ranked 132 economies worldwide.

The rank measures the extent to which individual economies have developed institutions, policies and services facilitating the free flow of goods over borders and to destinations.

The ranking is based on four enablers of trade namely business environment, market access, border administration and transport and communications infrastructure.

The index was publish  biennially. In 2012, Malaysia at number 24th, up 6 position from 30th in 2010. According to the report, Malaysia’s improved ranking reflects the impact of the measures undertaken by the government over the last two years to improve the competitiveness of the Malaysian economy.

The table below is the top 25 of the ranking.

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Average Monthly Salary for 72 Countries in the World


Recently, United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) published the average monthly salary or wage for the whole world & the average for 72 countries. For the whole world, the average is USD1,480 per month.

The figures are published for the first time. It’s a rough figure based on data from 72 countries, omitting some of the world’s poorest nations. In addition, all figures are adjusted to reflect variations in the cost of living from one country to another.

To make comparisons in living standards across countries, economists use specially adjusted exchange rates. The figures in this calculation are given in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) dollars. One PPP dollar is equal to 1 US dollar spent in the US. But a US dollar goes further in some countries than in others.

The limitations of the data are.

  • The data (for 2009) covers 72 countries, and misses out some big ones, Nigeria, for example.
  • Only wage earners are counted – not the self-employed or people on benefits.
  • In some countries, the data is incomplete – in South Africa, for example; it leaves out public sector workers and agricultural workers, while in Uganda, it covers only the manufacturing sector.
  • To see gross versus net salaries in any country you need to use a local salary calculator like this one from Industry Super Australia.

The table below is the rank of average monthly salary or wage in the world. Malaysia was at number 45 out of 72 countries with average monthly salary of USD961 per month.

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The World’s Top Retirement Countries in 2012


International Living Magazine, which is based in Baltimore, USA recently published Living’s 2012 Retirement Index. The index ranked top 19 countries for the best retirement havens. This index is published annually.

The index is calculated based on a vast range of data points, from the average humidity to the cost of a taxi. The index is also emphasise on living cost such as the prices for real estate, rentals, and utilities like water, electricity, and cable TV. The cost of groceries, eating out, even specific medical procedures are considered too. Finally, International Living also took into account what kind of discounts retirees can get on travel, taxes and entertainment.

In 2012 index, Malaysia score really well at rank number 4 behind Ecuador, Panama & Mexico. The table below is the top 19 country according to Living’s 2012 Retirement Index.

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2012 Top 25 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index Countries

A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm. They publish Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index to rank top 25 countries in the most attractive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The Index provides a look at the present and future prospects for international investment flows.

The Index, which first published in 1998, assesses the impact of political, economic, and regulatory changes on the FDI intentions and preferences of the leaders of top companies around the world.

In 2012 index, China, India & Brazil are the top 3 countries. Inthe same reports, Malaysia up 11 positions from 21st which obtained in 2010.

The table below is top 25 country according to 2012 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index.

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2012 World Bank Top 30 Ease of Doing Business Countries

World Bank recently published a new report regarding the easiest country to do business in the world for 2012.

The countries are ranked on their ease of doing business, from scale 1 – 183. A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatory environment is more conducive to start and operate a local firm.

These index averages the country’s percentile rankings on 9 topics, made up of a variety of indicators, giving equal weight to each topic.

Malaysia is at position 18th up to 3 positions from 21st in 2011. The top 3 countries namely Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand manage to retain its position as per 2011 rankings.

The table below is the rank of the top 30 countries.

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