Top 1000 World Banks Ranking for 2010


In July 2010, The Banker Magazine publish Top 1000 World Banks ranking for 2010. The rankings are based on the definition of Tier 1 capital as set out by Basel’s Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The definition is stricter than total stockholders’ equity and covers only the core of the bank’s strength. The shareholders’ equity available to cover actual or potential losses. Goodwill is deducted from Tier 1.

The table below are the first 20 largest banks. Bank of America Corporation manage to gain the highest position with USD160,387.8 million. Where is Malaysian banks? In 2009 Maybank have the highest position among Malaysian banks at number 248.

No Banks Country Tier 1 Capital (USD million)
1 Bank of America Corp US 160387.8
2 JP Morgan Chase & Co US 132971.0
3 Citigroup US 127034.0
4 Royal Bank of Scotland UK 123859.0
5 HSBC Holdings UK 122157.0
6 Well Fargo & Co US 93795.0
7 ICBC China 91110.5
8 BNP Paribas France 90648.4
9 Banco Santender Spain 81577.8
10 Barclays Bank UK 805867.0
11 Mitsubishi UFG Financial Group Japan 77218.1
12 Lloyds Banking Group UK 77034.0
13 Credit Agricole Groupe France 75504.3
14 Bank of China China 73667.0
15 China Construction Bank Corp China 71973.9
16 Goldman Sachs US 64642.0
17 UniCredit Italy 56244.9
18 Groupe BPCE France 54141.2
19 Societe Generale France 49989.9
20 Deutsche Bank Germany 49576.4

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  • Wah, top 3 from US and China is not that bad. What is the ranking for Malaysia? Drop to 500?

  • There are some U.S. banks, especially the top 2 on your list, that have been involved in “Signing Affidavits Without Reviewing Foreclosure Documents”. Millions of folks in the U.S. have lost homes because the managers did not check the documents at all. That is highly immoral and unethical, to say the least. “It don’t mean nothing” whether they are the biggest or the smallest banks. They must have ethical and moral directives in place to be called the biggest. They have filled up their treasuries on the miseries of folks that have lost their homes.

  • Yeah, it is a list of top banks propped up by tax payer’s money, old soviet style. Where we are headed to?

  • where to find the top 1000 list? why only 20 are shown?


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