Why Google Detect 1-million-dollar-blog Containing Malware?

Google detected 1-million-dollar-blog containing malware. Readers, don’t worry because there is no malware here!. The problem was caused by Innity, their Indonesian server specifically.

The good news is, Innity manage to solve the problem. But, the bad news is 1-million-dollar-blog still showing the same warning if you are using Chrome or Firefox. I ask Google to review my site & I hope they fix it soon.

Below was the brief message send by Google

Dear site owner or webmaster of https://1-million-dollar-blog.com/,

We recently discovered that some of your pages can cause users to be infected with malicious software. We have begun showing a warning page to users who visit these pages by clicking a search result on Google.com.

Suspected injected code Instances
<script src=”http://cdn.innity.com/network.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

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  • what happened ?

    so the solution is ?

    how to avoid it ?

    i hope everything is ok..

    • Thank you for your concern. Everything is back to normal now.

      The malware was coming from advertizing provider “Innity”. Luckily they act fast to remove the malware. However, even after the malware removed, Google still flag this site contain malware. The bad thing about the flag is all search result from Google will show warning to the user. Users who are using Chrome or Firefox will get the same warning. This cause blog traffic drop drastically.

      To remove the flag webmaster need to ask Google to review the site through Google Webmaster Tools and stopbadware.org. It will take a few days to recover.


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