259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion

Recently, one of my friend published a very interesting 3-books-series called “259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion”. I invited him to post an article “What will Happen if Gold is Used as Money?” last December.

The books aim to describe the workings of our economy, banking system and paper money. It contains a lot of illustrations, charts and detail explanations. He is not an economist by education (in fact, he is an engineer!). As such, he tried to explain the details in a very easy manner so that it can be easily understood by anyone.

By knowing him for a few years, I can say that he has depth knowledge in the subject he presented in his book series. The titles of the book series are,

  1. The Conundrum of Assets And Money (published in November 2011)
  2. Paper Money and the Banking System in Action (published in December 2011)
  3. (Will be published in February 2012)

Below are the books summary

1. The Conundrum of Assets And Money

The book describes the common misconception between money and assets. It is very hard for people to grasp the concept that money is not asset and asset cannot be money. Money should be something that has no intrinsic values. This concept is very important for people to understand. Once this concept is accepted, then the misconception about the banking system in generals can be answered, one by one.

The concept of asset doubling when gold is used as money is presented in an exciting way. The use of paper money and other type of money is discussed at length in this book series and finally the answer of whether money is printed out of thin air will be revealed.

We will examine what money is based on and why gold cannot be money. In fact, why all assets or commodities should not be money in this modern day. You will also learn why money should not have any value by itself. Barter economy is also explained in details so you will understand why money is an important medium of exchange and temporary store of wealth.

2. Paper Money and the Banking system in Action

The book will explain the lies regarding exponential growth parroted by certain groups of ‘experts’ and then will dwell deep into explaining the statements such as “there are only 9 trillion of money but 32 trillion of debt, we are so doomed”.

Doom and gloom sells, but the 259TVs5T is not out to scare readers until they can hardly sleep, but it is designed to explain the fundamental of the economic system and the banking system.  All of the explanations were made in a simple way with hundreds of stunning graphics to better illustrate the natural laws of the economy.

Analysis made found that confusions occur as to what is the real purpose of money in the economy (a permanent storage of value is not one of the purpose).  99% of the general population do not understand the workings of the economy and especially, the banking system and was therefore taken advantage of by the doom and gloom club.

This book series is designed to enable the masses to understand in great detail how the system works.  You will be glad if you read Book 2 because the authors had promised the book to be the one that is a ‘must have’, culminated from years of research, study and debates.

The authors mentioned that from more than 500 people they met; only two persons correctly replied how the central bank prints money for the economy and the two are not even bankers.

3. Third Series (title will be reveal soon)

The final book will discuss the immense wealth amassed by America through its 230+ years of history making it the richest country on the planet plus many major topics arisen since the Great Recession of 2008 such as the myth of the disappearance of the middle class, the deficit and the national debt, inflation or deflation, and the distribution of the economic pie with very surprising conclusion, which is the real reason why America is so successful with its free capitalism.

The authors of these excellent series of books are Sharif Rahman & Amy Norwood Maine. Kindly visit their webpage for details information, book preview and illustration of his book series.

Note : The summaries are taken from the author’s website (as I still haven’t got any chance to read it!)

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