AHB Financing-i, Loan to Invest in Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera

Maybank is having a new financing facility called AHB Financing-i. It provides financing for the purchase of Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) unit trusts. It is an Islamic loan based on the Shariah principles of Bai’ ‘Inah (sale with immediate repurchase).

Below are the details on AHB Financing-i,


  • Individuals age 18 years up to 59 years old
  • Malaysian Residents
  • Bumiputera

Financing Amount

  • Min financing amount : RM10,000
  • Max financing amount : RM200,000

Margin of Financing

  • Up to 105%


100% of nominal value of unit trust
5% on GRTT (premium capitalization)

Financing Tenure

  • Payment period of up to 25 years or up to the age of 60

Profit Rate

  • Effective Rate at BFR – 1.65% throughout financing tenure.
  • Selling Price Rate/Ceiling Rate fixed at BLR + 4.0% or 10%, whichever is higher


  • Single monthly payment via Standing Instruction (SI)

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • Certified True Copy of Identity Card (both sides)
  • Photocopy of latest 3 months’ pay slip (for financing above RM50,000)

At the current BFR rate of 6.35%, the effective rate is 4.7%. AHB expected to give about 6% return per year. The different is only 1.3% and when BFR increase further the gain will reduce again.

More details are available in Maybank website.

What do you think about AHB-i?

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  • Im doing this for asb n so far no regret. Have to have 2nd thought for this ahb.

  • Package just like the ASB loan. However, whether we gain or not, it depends on BFR and AHB return. If AHB can give average 7.5% average return then it will be attractive. Some investors & FEs say that we only need to pay 1st year installment. 2nd year onward, use the dividend yield to repay the loan. How good it is it depends on us.

  • yup. i done asb financing also and so far looking good. the only question is we dont know the return of this AHB. Let see how it perform this first year…. gagaga

  • yeah. ASB has proven track records. Thus people are confident to take the risk. But with AHB? It’s hard to say and too much risk to take.

  • We will never know how good AHB is until the results is out. Nonetheless, the return yield of AHB does not meet my requirements! hahaha! 🙂

  • I think it’s a good effort from Maybank to help others people that dosen’t have good cash to invest in AHB same as ASB.Maybe we don’t know about the return but it’s good for us to try invest at least minimum 10,000.

  • Got a question. What if someone takes a loan for this AHB say 50K but after a few months he withdraws the 50k from AHB and invests somewhere else. But still pay the bank’s monthly instalment.. is that possible?

    • Yes this is the real question, its already 2016 but come on guys, is there anyone who can helps answering the question ?

  • Donii,

    Normally, this kind of financing facility there will be a locking mechanism where the borrower will be unable to withdraw & keep the money.


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