ASN Unitholders Get 6.3 sen Dividend for 2012


Amanah Saham Nasional will receive a of 6.30 sen per unit for Sekim Amanah Nasional (ASN) for the financial year ending 31st December 2012. The figure is 0.25 sen higher when compared with 6.05 sen per declared in 2011. It is also the highest in 12 years.

Kindly refer to “Historical Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN) Dividend Rate” page, for previous year dividend.

The dividend will involve a payment of RM92.18 million and will benefit 1.23 million unit holders who currently hold a total of 1.46 billion ASN units.

In order to facilitate dividend calculation, all transactions for ASN at the ASNB headquarters, ASNB offices and agents have been suspended starting 26th December 2011 until 1st January 2012.

ASN income distribution was calculated based on the units held on 31st December 2011 and it would be automatically credited into the unit holders’ accounts based on the net asset value of ASN as at the last day of the year.

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  • I am back! 6.3 sen still beats Fixed Deposit! 🙂

    • Welcome back bro!. So you manage to sort out your blog problem. 🙂


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