ASNB Announced ASG Dividends for 2010


Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB) has maintained the rates of income distribution for all three Amanah Saham Gemilang (ASG) funds for the financial year ending March 31, 2010.

ASG-Pendidikan investors will receive 5.5 sen per unit while ASG-Kesihatan and ASG-Persaraan unitholders 6.0 sen and 5.0 sen per unit respectively.

Based on the net asset value (NAV) on March 23, the income distribution translated to a yield of 5.81 per cent for ASG-Pendidikan, 6.12 per cent for ASG-Kesihatan and 5.05 per cent for ASG-Persaraan.

ASNB had allocated RM2.31 million for 6,789 investors holding 42 million ASG-Pendidikan units. Up to March 23, ASG-Pendidikan registered a gross income of RM3.28 million and of which, profit from the sale of shares contributed RM1.99 million or 60.7 per cent.

For ASG-Kesihatan, ASNB has allocated RM2.18 million for 4,491 unitholders who subscribed to 36.4 million units of the fund that recorded a gross income of RM2.63 million. Profit from the sale of shares contributed RM1.52 million or 57.8 per cent to the gross income.

The amount of income distribution allocated for ASG-Persaraan is RM1.07 million which will benefit 2,765 investors holding 21.4 million units. The fund recorded a gross income of RM1.78 million and of the total, profit from the sale of shares accounted for RM1.08 million or 60.7 per cent.

The income distribution payment for ASG-Pendidikan, ASG-Kesihatan and ASG-Persaraan will be automatically re-invested in the form of units and credited into the unitholders’ account based on the NAV of each unit trust on March 31.

All transactions for the three ASG funds have been suspended until March 31 and the unitholders can update their ASG passbook at ASNB offices or agents nationwide beginning April 1.

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