Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i Structure Fund by CIMB Islamic

CIMB Islamic

CIMB Islamic, Islamic banking arm of CIMB Group recently launched a new Islamic Structure Fund called Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i. This fund is to addresses the need of investor for a combination of safe, regular income and the potential arising from the expansion of China and India.

Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i has an unique aspect called “best performer feature”. It will automatically selects the best possible access to China and India’s economic growth, provide unlimited variable annual returns. CIMB claim this feature as good as investing with Hindsight.

The minimum investment amount is RM65,000 and in further multiplies of RM5,000, thereafter. It opened for subscription for a limited offer period that ends on Feb 3.

The product rides on both the world’s economic giants through two baskets.

  1. “Direct” basket – comprises the ETF, MSCI-India Index, S&P Goldman Sachs Commodities Excess Return Index.
  2. “Indirect” basket – involves big multinational companies that have significant business exposure in China and India.such as Nike, Hewlett Packard, Nokia, BHP Biliton, Yum and Unilever.

Key Feature of Best of Asian Giants Access NID-i fund

  • Two choices of tenure to choose, either 5 years and 7 years
  • 100% capital protected in Ringgit Malaysia if held to maturity, with the assurance of daily prices and liquidity.
  • Shariah concept of Restricted Mudharabah applies; Profit Sharing Ratio of 99.9%(Investor) : 0.1%(Bank).
  • 5 years fund gives you average protected dividend of 1.10% p.a. and unlimited potential variable dividend paid annually
  • Participate Rate at the end of the tenure. The 7 years fund has significantly higher Participation Rate

For more information kindly browse through CIMB website.

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