Beware of Dye-Stained Banknotes

Dye-stained BanknotesIf someone or shop pass to you Dye-Stained Banknotes banknotes don’t accept it. Beware, the banknotes may come from banks or ATM machine’s robbery! We obviously don’t want to be implicated in any on these criminals.

Recently, due to  sharp increase in ATM robberies in Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) introduced Currency Protection Device (CPD) to deter ATM robberies.

CPD will emit a bright-colored dye ink (using either smoke and/or liquid dye or any other agent) to stain banknotes in the event the ATMs/CDMs are attacked.

The stains vary considerably and can cover the entire note or just the edge or corner. The dye-stained banknotes are unfit for circulations. The intention is to stain the notes that have been stolen, making it difficult for the offenders to use them.
BNM advice members of the Public, Retailers and Cash Handlers must not accept dye-stained banknotes as the banknotes are likely to have been stolen. They should report any information regarding stolen banknotes immediately to the police.

By installing CPD, BNM hopes that in the long run, it should reduce the incidences of ATM robberies.

More information regarding dye-stained banknotes.

The Malaysian Currency
Guideline on Dye-Stained Banknotes Dated 26th August 2013
Exchange of Dye Stained Banknotes

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