Currently, I am working outside Malaysia and the internet connection here is very bad. Slower than dial-up!!. I can’t even load up the front page of this blog!!. Because of this terribly slow internet connection it is very difficult for me to update this blog and most importantly finding good source of information. With this kind of internet connection,  I will not be able to update this blog as frequently as before.

I will be here for the next 2 years.

However, I plan to move to another place where relatively good internet connection is available in the next few months and hope to update this blog as before.

Finally, I would like to thanks to all readers for visiting this blog.

It is a very bad day for me today.  Google has decided to remove my blog at http://1-million-dollar.blogspot.com. And the worst thing is that I do not have any backup on my post from previous blog. Luckily, some of my posts were cache by Google. I also make an appeal to restore my blog but I do not know how long they going to take.

After a careful consideration & the satisfaction that I gain from blogging, I have decided to go away with Blogger and buy my own domain at https://1-million-dollar-blog.com. I am using WordPress now.

I try to restore most of my post from Google Cache but due to time constraint and not very familiar with WordPress, it may takes sometimes to build this site back.

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