Cash & Book Giveaway by 1-million-dollar-blog & 259trillionvs5trillion

The 1-million-dollar-blog third year anniversary in conjunction with the author of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion Books series will hold a giveaway from 13th February to 15th March 2012.

The participants

  1. Stand a chance to win a grand giveaway of RM259.00 plus a full color paperback of Book 2 of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion (worth RM125.00).
  2. Second place giveaway will be RM100.00 plus a normal paperback of Book 2(worth RM40.00).
  3. Third place giveaway will be RM50.00 plus a normal paperback of Book 2(worth RM40.00).
  4. Everyone who participate will receive full digital copy of Book 1 of 259 Trillion vs 5 Trillion – The Conundrum of Asset & Money (worth RM16.00).

To enter is very easy. Just do the following:

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1-million-dollar-blog is Now Hosted on a VPS Server

Now 1-million-dollar-blog is hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the system is provided by TurnKey Internet. Previously,  1-million-dollar-blog is hosted on a share hosting provided by Bluehost.

For those who are not familiar, VPS is basically a virtual server which has guaranteed server resources such as CPU, memory & hard-drive space. User also has full control over the server such as OS reinstall & server reboot. This will result in faster webpage serving & able to handle more visitors (I hope so).

I managed to grab a very good deal on their Black Friday 2011 sale with 75% off for life. I buy package 4 of their VPS packages with the following specification;

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FREE Financial Widgets for your Websites/Blogs

1-million-dollar-blog would like to offer FREE financial widgets such as calculators and charts to all readers who want to embed on their websites or blogs. I hope this will be useful to your readers.

The widgets are delivered through high performance MaxCDN Content Delivery Network. As such, you do not have to worry about widget loading time.

If you use any of these widgets, kindly drop a message. I will add your website address in the links page. Please leave the “backlink” code unchanged.

For more information on available widgets and codes kindly refer to “Widgets Page

Online Calculators Page on 1-million-dollar-blog

Recently, a new page called “Calculators” was added to the blog. This page will contains many finance and investment related calculators. The aim is to allow 1-million-dollar-blog readers to do calculation easily prior to make financial or investments decisions.

For a start, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Price Earnings Ratio (PE) and Dividends Yield Calculator was added recently. This calculator will allow readers to do calculation prior to making investment in Stock Market.

If you have any comments and suggestion on calculator page please leave it here as comments on Calculators page are disabled. You are also welcome to suggest new calculators to include in the page.

1-million-dollar-blog is Moving to New Webhosting Provider


This post is to inform that 1-million-dollar-blog will move to a new webhosting provider soon. As result, the website may be inaccessible for short period of time but I hope it should me minimal.

The main reason for the moves is due to poor performance of current hosting provider such many downtimes, site inaccessible & taking long time to load when Google bots come to crawl. Many blogger will know, all these will cause site and page rank to drop & subsequently will reduce the traffic from search engine.

These are the example of the problem that I facing with my current hosting provider. The photos are snap from Google Webmaster Tools Account

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