Loan and Financing


Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has a very competitive personal loan package with profit rate (interest rate) as low as 4.99% per annum.

Unfortunately, the loan package is only for government staff and government agency, which have salary deduction via Coshare Holding Berhad’s (Coshare) / i.destinasi sdn bhd deduction.

Another benefit of personal loan from KFH is fast approval and 100% payout.

The table below is the features of the loan package.

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Malaysia Building Society Berhad

MBSB or Malaysia Building Society Berhad, a subsidiary of KWSP is offering 3 personal loan packages with profit rate (interest rate) as low as 3.5%. This promotion will end on 31st December 2011.

The loan packages are 1 Malaysia, Waslah and Exec-i Package. These loan packages are only for government staff, government agency and government link company(GLC) which have salary deduction via Biro Angkasa.

Another benefit of personal loan from MBSB is low fees, fast approval and individuals who blacklisted by CCRIS & CTOS are eligible to apply.

The table below is the comparison between the three packages.

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At the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting on 5th May 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia decided to raise the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 25 basis points to 3.00 percent with immediate effect. The floor and ceiling rates of the corridor for the OPR are correspondingly raised to 2.75 percent and 3.25 percent respectively.

Following this, banks will Base Lending Rate (BLR) & Base Financing Rate (BFR) later. For those who have variable loans specially home loan, will have to pay more in their monthly installment. On the positive side, the increase also will raise the current fixed deposit rate. For the latest BLR & BFR rate kindly refer to Rate Page.

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The advance of loans taken against paycheques is helping investors and families alike find necessary liquidity despite the fact they are unable to get secured loans. These online “payday loans” are also a good hedge against the borrowers’ inability to get credit due to a less-than-perfect credit history.

This has several implications for all types of potential borrowers:

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Maybank is having a new financing facility called AHB Financing-i. It provides financing for the purchase of Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) unit trusts. It is an Islamic loan based on the Shariah principles of Bai’ ‘Inah (sale with immediate repurchase).

Below are the details on AHB Financing-i,


  • Individuals age 18 years up to 59 years old
  • Malaysian Residents
  • Bumiputera

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