How to Save Money on Supermarkets?

save money in supermarket

Marketers have researched consumers and their buying habits. Being aware of their strategies can help you become a smart shopper. Here’s what you should know so that you can save money the next time you make a trip to the supermarket:

– You shouldn’t assume things that are displayed at the ends of the shelf are on sale. They’re prime real estate in a store. And even if they are displayed as a bargain, it is likely the prices are still too high. Look for things at the middle of the aisle.

– Things that are placed at the lower part of the shelf are usually cheaper. More expensive brands usually invest on better placement. However, in kids sections, the prime real estate is lower on the shelves where those little eyes may see them quickly.

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Beware of Rental Property Trap

rental property

If you have a rental property & your tenant fails to pay the rent, don’t ever think to reclaim your property by breaking in. It is againsts the law. Many landlords had been brought to court by tenants for breaking into their properties and were sued for the loss of their tenants’ assets including cash.

And the worst part is, it could be a trap laid by tenants who are looking for easy cash.

In the past three months, three such claims were made by tenants. All of them are Malaysians who are against their landlords. Their claims amounted to a total of RM117,000 in cash and assets.

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Beware of Traps When Buying Auctioned Property


There are huge opportunities that we can gain from auctioned property but remember that there are huge traps too. As a general rule, any investment that give an opportunity to make a lots of money also have a high risk of a losing lots of money too.

So, remember that if you want to make money from property auctions, you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, you could lose it all and get a major problem.

First trap – Poor Location

Some of the properties being auctioned off are very cheap. Some properties being auctioned off for less than RM20,000. That is less than the price of some second-hand cars.

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Why Should I Investing in Unit Trust?

unit trust

Unit trust or mutual fund is a financial vehicle through which individuals may invest their money. The idea behind unit trust is better returns through collective investing. In other words, it means pooling the investments of many investors, individuals and institutions.

Unit trust is getting popular nowdays due to potentially higher return when compare to fixed deposit or EPF saving. Furthermore, EPF is providing an option to withdraw some or your EPF saving for the purpose of investing in unit trust.

If you still wondering whether to invest in unit trust or not, you should see the reason why you should.

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What is ASB-Overdraft (ASB-OD)?


We are talking about two different term here, ASB & Overdraft. Everyone knows ASB is an investment fund that managed by ASNB, PNB’s wholly owned subsidiary. ASB is giving very attractive return & one of the highest paying dividend fund.

While, an overdraft (OD) is a type of bank loan facility where we are allowed to withdraw money from current account exceeding the available balance. The benefit of OD is, the interest is charged on overdrawn amount from your OD account on daily rest. This will be beneficial if you only need a short term loan. Comparatively interest rate for personal loan is charged on total loan amount

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