Stock Market

Dateline for eDividend Payment for Stock Market


eDividend initiative was intoduced during 2010 Budget speech last year. Under the eDividend initiative, dividend payments from listed companies will be credited directly into shareholders bank account, instead of through cheques.

Paperless dividend payment system is convenient and faster for shareholders and helps avert potential problem of misplaced, lost or expired cheques.

In Bursa Malaysia, 500 listed companies are currently paying dividends to shareholders but only eight, including British American Tobacco, Nestle, Malayan Banking and Bursa Malaysia are offering eDividend.

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NEM, Privatization of Government Companies


In his speech unveiling the NEM, the PM also touched on the need for greater public-private cooperation. With these, it help to promote competition across and within sectors to revive private investment and market dynamism.

The following are the list of Petronas and Ministry of Finance (MOF) subsidiaries which going to be privitized.

Petronas Subsidiaries

Although the PM did not identify the subsidiaries to be listed, there are rumors that the 2 subsidiaries could be Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, a 100% subsidiary of Petronas and Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd, a 90% subsidiary.

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Petronas Carigali is involved in both O&G exploration and production activities. Incorporated in 1978, it is the exploration and production arm of Petronas.

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Invest EPF Money Directly in Stock Market

EPFRecently, we looked at the possibility to withdraw part of EPF money for personal investment. EPF makes it clear that we can only invest through external fund managers appointed by the Ministry of Finance and we are not allowed to invest the money directly in Stock Market.

However, recently I received an email from my stock broker, Jupiter Securities in partneship with Amara, offering me to directly invest in stock market with EPF money. A quick check, I find out that Amara is one of the approved external fund manager. I am not sure this is legal or otherwise.

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World’s Best and Worst Performing Stock Market in 2009

We are now approaching to the end of year 2009. How do the stock market around the world performed? And how do our local stock market, Bursa Malaysia performed?

The real winner for year 2009 is Brazil Stock Market. It has taken off off like a rocket. It was the world’s best performing stock market. Brazil Bovespa Stock Index surged 132.2% during the period of 30th December 2008 to 21st December 2009.

Brazil is the fastest growing in Latin America is blessed with abundant of natural resources. The other resouces rich countries such as Indonesia, Peru and Russia are also performing really well. It seem that many resources rich countries are performing really well in 2009.

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Direct Market Access (DMA) for Equities Market

Bursa Malaysia on the 9th November 2009, introduced Direct Market Access (DMA) for the equities market which is aimed to enhance trading efficiency and accessibility for market participants. With this, the Exchange will be providing a complete DMA infrastructure for both the equities and derivatives markets. The DMA for derivatives market was successfully launched in April 2008.

DMA is a critical component for Bursa Malaysia to remain competitive in the global investment arena. The right technologies will promote market accessibility and liquidity, as well as increased trading efficiencies. This will align Malaysian Stock Market with international trading practices.

Market participants will also be able to enjoy greater connectivity and more control of their orders via the DMA infrastructure for equities market.

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