Direct Market Access (DMA) for Equities Market

Bursa Malaysia on the 9th November 2009, introduced Direct Market Access (DMA) for the equities market which is aimed to enhance trading efficiency and accessibility for market participants. With this, the Exchange will be providing a complete DMA infrastructure for both the equities and derivatives markets. The DMA for derivatives market was successfully launched in April 2008.

DMA is a critical component for Bursa Malaysia to remain competitive in the global investment arena. The right technologies will promote market accessibility and liquidity, as well as increased trading efficiencies. This will align Malaysian Stock Market with international trading practices.

Market participants will also be able to enjoy greater connectivity and more control of their orders via the DMA infrastructure for equities market.

The benefits of DMA:

  • It is a ‘zero-touch electronic trading’ solution which enables investors to route orders directly to the Exchange for immediate execution.
  • It will significantly reduce the time for orders to be sent and matched from the previous average of three (3) seconds per transaction to a fraction of a second.
  • It has the ability to support algorithmic and block trading which allows institutional investors greater control through using pre-determined order conditions.
  • It provides greater access to international investors as Bursa Malaysia allows ‘Sponsored Access’ for institutional investors.
  • It enables market participants to connect their own trading front-end to the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) DMA Gateway.
  • It allows market participants to install their own servers in the Exchange’s data centre through the co-location hosting service where faster order management can be processed and lower latency when trading.

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