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New Exciting Online Stock Trading at by ECMLibra

On the 25th February 2010, ECM Libra Investment Bank Berhad has launched their newest online trading portal, With the new online portal, they hope to reach more retail investors throughout the country and make online investment easier for retail and professional traders.

With, you will be able to buy and sell Bursa Malaysia shares online easily and no remisier services is necessary. The portal also act as one-stop center for local and international financial news.

Together with the launched, ECM Libra run a promotion on brokerage rate for cash upfront package. The detail on the promotion are,

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Invest EPF Money Directly in Stock Market

EPFRecently, we looked at the possibility to withdraw part of EPF money for personal investment. EPF makes it clear that we can only invest through external fund managers appointed by the Ministry of Finance and we are not allowed to invest the money directly in Stock Market.

However, recently I received an email from my stock broker, Jupiter Securities in partneship with Amara, offering me to directly invest in stock market with EPF money. A quick check, I find out that Amara is one of the approved external fund manager. I am not sure this is legal or otherwise.

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Comparison Between Online Stock Broker in Malaysia

Online stock broking offer more benefit than the conventional ways of trading through phone calls. No more excution delay because of remiser not in the office or engage with other clients. The most important reason why online stock broking is attractive is due to low brokerage fees and also there are an option for mobile trading.

Because of too many stock brokers available, it become difficult to choose which one is suitable. The comparison table below may help for you to make decision.

This list is still not final as some of the info is not available at their respective website. Feedback from readers are appreciated in order to complete the comparison. Kindly leave your comments if you like to add or found there are errors in the comparison table.
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