CIMB Prime Plan


CIMB recently launched a new product called CIMB Prime plan. This product is targeting to a segment of customers who are at the stage of accumulating wealth. It is Ideal for graduates, young professionals, managers and business owners with household monthly incomes of between RM7,000 and RM8,000.

CIMB Prime Plan is offering a comprehensive package of banking products and lifestyle benefits including interest bearing saving account and credit card. With Prime Savings Account, customers can earn up to an additional interest rate of 1 per cent a year for a minimum deposit of RM200 a month. Customers also will be given standby overdraft facility and a home financing option that allows customers to re-price their housing loan every five years and enjoy preferential rates.

Other benefits for CIMB Prime Plan are

  • Bonus point programme for credit card, deposit, financing & wealth management.
  • Priority service level & self services convenience –
  • Dedicated phone banking & SMS alert
  • Additional electronic banking convenience.
  • Higher ATM withdrawal up to RM10,000 per day.
  • Preferential rate on saving, financing & overdraft
  • Airport lounge access and other lifestyle benefit.
  • Eligible Prime ATM Card & Gold or Platinum credit card.
  • For early birds, CIMB is giving 5000 free bonus points each for the first 5000 customers who sign up with CIMB Prime Plan.

For more information kindly proceed to CIMB Prime Plan webpage.

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