How Does 100 Trillion Dollars Look Like?


Previously, we look at how does one trillion dollars look like. Yes, one trillion dollars in cash is really massive amount to keep. Now, I am going to show you 100 times more, a 100 trillion dollars. Can you imagine how its going to look?

Read more to find out.

Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollars

This is a Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar notes, which debuted on 16th January 2009. During that  time, the value of Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollars is only equivalent to $30.

However, starting from 12th April 2009 all Zimbabwe dollar notes became worthless because the notes no longer in circulation. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe had legalized the use of foreign currencies in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is one on the country that hit by Hyperinflation in modern era and it is the second worst hyperinflation in world’s history.

You can watch Duck Tales episode on hyperinflation.

Now, Zimbabwe dollars became collectible items. If you are interested to keep this notes, you can buy it from eBay. They sell 5 notes of 100 trillion dollars for $20.

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  • Maybe in 10 years time it will worth more

    • I guess that’s true. Once it become collectible items, the longer you keep, more valuable it will be. I thinking of buying some for myself to keep.

  • Good suggestion. I might go to get some. ^^


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