How to Check Car Market Price or Value for Free?

car market value

If you are looking for market price or value for your car, you are at the right place. I am going to show you how to get it for free. The services are not limited to car only but to other vehicles as well. Other service providers such as ISM Insurance Services charge you RM10 per inquiry.

You may need car market price or value for the purpose of renewing car insurance, selling your existing car or buying second hand car.

Below are 5 easy steps on how to get it.

  1. Browse to SNiK Online.
  2. Select vehicle manufacturer. For example “Toyota”
  3. Select vehicle model. For example “Corolla Altis”
  4. Select vehicle model. For example “ZZE122R-GEPEKE Sedan 4dr Altis G Auto 4sp FWD 1.8i (Facelift)”
  5. You are presented with the market value based on year of manufacturing.

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  • Fantastic article. Do a quick check and seems likely the value posted may be distorted, as to boost the premium collection.

    As the actual sell-able value in the market is far lower than the “Agreed Value”.

  • very informative blog. thanks again for providing this information. I will share this info with my friends .. i will ask them to read your blog & promote this blog through my facebook .. free of charge 🙂

  • A helpful info/tips in selling or buying 2nd hand car. Very comprehensive.

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